Undo Send Inbox by Gmail

This might have happened a ton of times – you type the mail all too well and while giving the sender’s mail, it happens that we’ve selected the wrong name and clicked on Send. Oops! Google’s Inbox now has the ‘Undo Send’ feature to rescue us from moments like these.

The feature has been introduced in May and to desktop application at first. Now the feature has been expanded to the Android and iOS apps too. If you ever, by mistake, send an email tot he wrong person, you’ve got 10 seconds to stop it from reaching them. Next to the delivery notification will an Undo button that you can tap and take all you’ve sent back to you.

Are you glad this feature was introduced? How often do this mail–sent-by-accident happen to you?

Get Inbox to your device here on Google Play for Android or from App Store  for iOS.


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