Windows 10 Mobile build 10151

There is a new video leak online showing off an unannounced build 10151 of Windows 10 Mobile Technical Preview. The recent build was the 10136 and officially there is a word about a new build waiting around the corner to get released to the public, according to Gabriel Aul of Microsoft, who provides regular updates regarding the Windows Insiders program.

The video shows that it is build 10151 and sports a new animation feature while opening apps. The rest of the video is not exactly clear but it can be seen that it has a stable experience.

There are too many leaks of Windows 10 Mobile Preview build coming these days, so it is unsure which one of them Microsoft decides to push out, and which they will hold onto a little longer so they could release a more advanced build.

Meanwhile, take a look at the quick video and let us know what you think!

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