Windows 10 Mobile in October

The Technical Preview builds are not yet over – we know that because there’s another build 10145 waiting for all us Insiders – and already a leak shows when could the complete final build of Windows 10 for Phones may roll out. Every Windows Phone user wanted to know this piece of information, until most of them were occupied with the Preview builds, which is a good thing.

French carrier SFR mentioned in one o their blog posts that they intend to release Windows 10 Mobile to most of its devices (1020,920, 925, 930, 830, 635, 625, 535, 530, 520 and 435) . It was rumored since long back that Microsoft would release Windows 10 for Phones in the late Q3, which more or less makes it October or November.

Since there is no official word on any of this, it is highly likely hat plans may change. So be ready to welcome the final schedule of Windows 10 Mobile, whenever that would be, when Microsoft lets it out to the public.


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