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If you are recently thinking about making the switch from the all-common Android device to a brand new Windows Phone, Microsoft has got the right app just for you. “Switch to Windows Phone” by Microsoft is an app in Google Play which can be downloaded into your Android device which claims to make the data transfer between the two devices a cake walk.

Microsoft is giving its users two ways to transfer the data from Android to Windows Phone : 1) through OneDrive account, which is possible if you sync your Microsoft account in your Windows Phone already. 2) Through wi-Fi, which is possible if you have the app’s Windows Phone counterpart on your Windows Phone.

We updated the former app “Switch to Windows Phone” and built this new version. It is preview version.
We are offering you two ways to move your data to Windows Phone:

(1) WiFi: if you’ve already set up your Windows phone. You’ll be able to move your contacts, text messages, photos, videos, and music over directly using virtual Wi-Fi and an app that you install on your new phone.

You do not need any network, real WiFi router or account. But you need to install a Windows Phone app on your Windows Phone. The name of the app is “Switch to Windows Phone”. It’s at https://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/switch-to-windows-phone/3286dd5d-3f98-435a-b80c-3fccba05a867

(2) OneDrive: if you haven’t set up your new phone yet. You’ll create a backup copy of your bookmarks, photos, videos, and apps, which can be downloaded automatically when you set up the new phone.
You need network connection and an Microsoft account.

Switch to Windows Phone – Google Play

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