Windows 10 Mobile build 10136

The news of a newer build for the Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview has been in lot of news lately, since the mention of an “upgrade bug” by Microsoft’s Gabriel Aul, who is also heading the Windows Insider Program.

Seeking public opinion, Gabriel Aul asked on twitter when and how would the Insiders like the new build 10136 to roll out. Because the with the upgrade bug still active, the Insiders already running the build 10080 would not be able to receive the update for build 10136. So they have to revert back to WP8.1. Also, they are not suggested to enroll into the FAST ring until the build 10136 goes live.

The other option that Aul gave to the Insiders is to wait a week or so, till the upgrade bug gets fixed up and every Insider could get it’s update in the usual way.

After a appreciable amount of response within a few minutes of that tweet went online, Gabriel Aul confirmed that the build 10136 would be released to FAST ring of Insiders. So those who want the build should revert back to WP 8.1 and not enroll themselves in the FAST ring unless there comes an official word on build 10136 going live, otherwise you would end up with getting build 10080 and you would need to revert back to WP8.1 all over again.

There is also another quick bit where Aul mentions that there is a new build further which is in Operating Systems Group Testing right now – which is supposedly the build next to 10136.

What are you planning to do, revert back to WP 8.1 to get build 100136 or dtay at 10080 and upgrade to build 10145 in the future directly?


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