Outlook Mail Windows 10 Mobile

There is a new build(10134) for the Windows 10 Mobile Technical Preview ready to hit public release anytime now and meanwhile Microsoft has pushed out an update for the Outlook Mail and Calendar app in Windows 10 Mobile.

New in Outlook Mail is:

  • New Icons for some quick-action buttons like “New mail”.
  • Tapping on Hamburger button now doesn’t reveal all mail boxes but you need to again tap on the current mail account to reveal all configured accounts to choose from.
  • Mail reading view has a new look and the quick action buttons have moved to bottom with all new icons and design.

Outlook Settings:

  • Settings page now have more options like Background Picture (not working yet)
  • Reading settings are now separated from options.
  • Now you can set options for mailboxes separately

Outlook Calendar:

  • Calendar has a new quick action button that allows to swap between day and agenda view
  • Tapping on the Month on top of the calendar brings Monthly view
  • Settings show new color options and the settings page has a new look
  • The apps can be found in the Windows 10 Store.


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