WIndows 10 Mobile 10134

The next build for Windows 10 Mobile Technical Preview might be around the corner, as Microsoft’s Gabriel Aul mentioned on twitter that it is in the OSG Slow ring now and will be released to the Insiders once the validation is done.

He replied in an answer to a user’s tweet asking for any news that can be shared about the next build to the Technical Preview of Windows 10 Mobile, that they will need 2-3 days with the build that is currently in the OSG slow ring testing. This made people expect that the build might be released this week but in response to another user’s tweet, Gabriel Aul replied that it is unlikely that the build’s coming out this week.

We still could be in expectations that the build could be released this week. Sure, he said unlikely but he did not say impossible. Hey, no one said it was wrong to be optimistic, right?


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