WhatsApp beta Windows Phone

There’s rapid development in the beta version of WhatsApp which can be accessed only by a group of private members. In it’s previous update, the calling feature, a feature which still has a huge amount of users waiting, was introduced and made it clear that WhatsApp calling on Windows Phone is not very far.

The new update brings UI changes and a few new features. The call option which was placed at the end of all the options available on the bottom of the screen has been moved one place left, making the emoticon option the last one now.

The call log in WhatsApp now allows users to delete call entry in the call log. Another new feature is that WhatsApp now shows a little notification where the total count of messages that you’ve received and the number of calls you have missed via WhatsApp are now shown at the top with little icons.

What do you think of these little new features being added to WhatsApp?  Drop your thoughts in the comments!


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