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Within a week that a few screenshots have been shown off online, here comes a video showing off the features of the upcoming build 10134 of the Windows 10 Mobile Technical Preview.

There are noticeable changes in the build 10134 when compared to the previous builds, rather than fixing of the issues that occurred previously. The App list screen now has a search bar dedicated to search any app on the user’s device. Although choosing the respective alphabet has always made easier to find a required app in Windows Phone easier, the search bar goes a step ahead and makes it lot more user friendly. This search option which was introduced in the Technical Preview was just a small icon until now and in build 10134, it expands into a whole search bar.

Split-screen feature is shown off working on a Lumia 820 as it has a high resolution display, and the other device shown was the Lumia 720 which cannot have this feature due to its low resolution display, which makes it clear that as Microsoft mentioned at the beginning, the device’s hardware should also be supportive for all the features of Windows 10 to work.

The Store beta, which was introduced as per the idea of having a unified Store holds only universal apps so if the user wants to download any other app, he /she has to head over to the old Store app to get it installed. The build 10134 seems to bridge that gap.

Take a look at the video comparing build 10127 and build 10134 of the Windows 10 Mobile Technical Preview.

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