Android M developer preview

Android M has its share of new features over Android Lollipop, most of them segregated as 6 major key features. But keeping them aside, M has many more improvements for Lollipop, like the individual volume selection bars, for example. The one that is mentioned here is the enhanced and improved text selection process that was made much better than the previous versions of Android.

After tapping on the first word you would like to begin your selection with, dragging the selection bar from word to word till the last word you wish to end your selection with will highlight the selected text. The dragging bar can also be dragged back to deselect any word or to move to only a particular letters of the word.

Android M Text selection

The tap on the selection and you will be presented with an edit toolbar having cut, copy and paste as options along with an overflow menu. Tapping on the overflow menu will give more options comment, search and translate.

This is a feature that is enabled by default for all apps running on Android M. What is your word on it?

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