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There are several paid apps on Google Play Store just as many as free apps. It could happen that sometimes you buy an app and it turns out you are not completely satisfied with it. Then you need not worry because if that is the case, Google is giving a chance for you to get your money back.

Within two hours of installing the app on your Android device, if you feel that app doesn’t work for you like you expected it to, then you could receive a full refund, no matter what the reason is that you dislike the app. But if the two hour’s time is up, then it;s up to the app developer and based on your explanation as why you want a return the app back and take your money, he would decide if you could get a refund or not.

Within the first two hours of installing the app:

– Open  Google Play from your device

– Go to ‘My Account

– Tap and select the app that you want to return.

– Tap on Refund

The app would ask you if you are sure if you want to proceed with the refund, and that the app will be uninstalled from your Android, if you choose to do so. Tap on yes and go on with the instructions to get a full refund.

If the two hour time limit is over, you wouldn’t fin the Refund button any more, rather you would see just the Uninstall button. Then you should be having a genuine reason to point out the app developer that his app is not what it said it would be. Remember that you wouldn’t be getting refunds without any valid cause like for example, if you did not like the app’s design. It should be something related to its working, in terms of its quality technically – like it crashes too much or a particular option doesn’t work etc.

If you think you have a valid enough reason to ask for a refund from the developer, then you could contact him as follows:

– Search for  particular app for which you want a refund, in the Play Store app on your Android device

– Tap on the app and then tap on Read more

– The contact information of the app’s developer would be mostly given in the Read More section.

Did you anytime try to claim for a refund for an app?

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