Android M developer preview

Android M is the next version of Android. It is still unsure if Android M would be Android 6.0 anr the next big version of Android 5.0, but what is known as of now is M comes with a few but worthy features to Android and also a ‘hundred’ improvements from Lollipop.

One of the six key features of Android M is the selective app permissions feature, which received a lot of appreciation when it was announced. With M in the Android device, user will have the power to choose if he wants to grant the app a particular permission that it asks or not. There will be no necessity of granting all the permissions to the app at once while beginning to use the app.

The app permissions in M are now categorized into sets like camera, microphone, location, Contacts, Phone, Calendar, SMS, sensor and the like. This will make the user have a clear idea about what the app is asking for from the device. If the user accepts the permission the app is asking for, it would be remembered since then and the app will have access to that particular feature every time the user uses the app.

If at all when you feel that you have denied any permission previously and want to grant it sometime later, M gives that flexibility too. By going into Settings, selecting the app and going into its permissions, the accepted and denied permissions can be modified. Similarly, you could select a category, for example “microphone” and see all the apps that have access to it, and the access to feature to any of the listed apps can be modified from there too.

What do you think of this big change for App permission is Android M? Let us know in the comments!

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