Moto X 2nd gen

If your Moto G device becomes unresponsive, or goes blank with a black screen, hard reset is possibly the only way to get your device back to normal state. But before going to perform this major step, you might as well try to check your luck with the Power button.

Press and hold the power button for 7-10 seconds and see if the device restarts. If this fails, then connect your Mot G to a charger and then press and hold the power button for a time period of around 120 seconds, i.e two minutes. If it works, fine but if it does not, then you should be knowing how to perform a hard reset on your Moto G (1st generation).

Since your Moto G is unresponsive, there is no way in recollecting how to perform a reset via the Settings menu of the device. We will see here about the external hard reset that would be performed using the physical keys of the device. However, the steps to perform factory reset via the Settings menu is given at the end of the post.

How to perform a hard reset of Moto G (1st Gen) using external keys :

It is recommended that your device battery is atleast 80% charged before starting this process.

1. Switch off the device and make sure it is not plugged to any charging source.

2. Press and hold the Power button and the Volume down button for a time of 3 seconds, and then release as and when you see the Boot Mode Selection Menu.

3. From the Menu, navigate using the Volume Down and go to Recovery. Press the Volume Up button to select it. You will be taken to a No Command screen.

4.  From this No command screen, press and hold the Power button then press and release the Volume Up button to display the menu options.

5. Navigate to wipe data/factory reset from the options using Volume key and press Power key to select it.

6. Then select Yes — Delete all user data

The system restart process will begin immediately and will take several seconds to be completely done. When it asks for system restart confirmation, select yes and allow your Moto G to reboot. Wait patiently till the reboot is successfully done, which usually takes several minutes.

How to Reset Moto G (1st Gen) via Settings Menu:

Go to Menu -> Settings -> Backup & Reset ->Factory Data Reset -> Reset Phone.

Since you have an option to take backup of your device data unlike the situation where you have to perform external hard reset, it is best practice to do a backup of all your data once and then proceed to reset the device.

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