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This may not be the frequent of all problems that Android users encounter but unresponsive or crashing of Google Play Store is a problem that almost every Android user would have experienced at least once. f you have already faced it or would like to know the fix for it should you face it in the future, then continue to read on.

– The first step towards fixing any Android problem is to restart the device or to perform a soft reset. If your phone has a removable battery, then remove it without switching off the phone and place it back again after 2-3 minutes. Then turn on the phone again. Doing so will help fix very minor software issues in the phone.

– If the above step did not work, next better idea would be to empty the cache of the Play Store app in your device. Go to Settings -> Apps section -> Google Play Store . Tap on it to open and tap on the ‘Clear Cache‘ option. This would help in most cases.

– If you are reading this, then probably the cleaning cache of the Play Store did not work either. Next move on to deleting the data stored in the Play Store. This deletes all the data stored in the Play Store and all the apps behave like they were at the beginning. This should possibly clear out the issue which was causing the Play Store to not work as well.

To clear data in the Play Store, Go to Settings -> Apps section -> Google Play Store . Tap on it to open and tap on the ‘Clear Data‘ option.

– There is another option of clearing the cache of Google Play Services. Go to Settings -> Application manager -> Google Play Services. Tap it open and tap on ‘Clear Cache‘ option.

Did it work? If no, then continue reading.

– Have you ever deactivated download manager on your Android? Do you remember doing so? No problem if you don’t remember, you can go to Settings -? Application Manager -> All Apps section. Look for Download manager and tap it open and activate it if it is deactivated. In most cases, this should solve the problem as deactivating the download manager would not help Google Play to run.

– Try removing your Google account which you use to sync your device and then add it again. Go to Settings -> Accounts -> Google and tap on your Google Account. Tap on the more option buttons and select Remove Account.

After every trace of your Google account has been removed, then go to the same path and sign in into your Android using your Google Account. Now go try and see if Google Play is working or not.

– If all else fails, perform a factory reset on your device. But remember that by doing so all your data in your device will be lost. So do not forget to take a backup of the device data.

Go to Settings -> Backup and Reset -> Factory Data Reset and this will initiate the reset process of your device. This will take a few minutes so wait patiently till it gets completely done. After successful reset, your Android will reboot automatically. Sign in using your Google Account and now since everything is fresh and new, you should not be having any issues using Google Play.

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