Working Store issue build 10080

The build 10080 of the Technical Preview of Windows 10 for Phones has been released last week with major expectations.  Rather than new features in the OS, this build focuses more on the apps that could be downloaded from the Windows Phone Store that is in the beta form as a unified Store.

But the problem arises with the Store itself, which was preventing the users from downloading the apps like the new universal Office apps, the new Camera app, new video app, the Xbox app onto their devices. The issue was that whenever users tried t download apps from the beta Store, they would be shown a “Working…” message on the screen, which would not disappear thereby preventing the apps from being downloaded and installed on the device. By this, all the excitement of getting to use new apps resulted only in disappointment.

But as always, Microsoft again came to the user’s rescue and fixed this very huge issue of the build 10080. Gabriel Aul mentioned in a tweet that the working issue is now fixed and a reboot of the device should probably fix it.

So check your WP10 devices once more and get set to use all the new apps from Microsoft.

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