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If you think your Android’s battery backup is too low, then it might be good if you consider that background apps can be one reason to consume a device’s battery. So, this post tells you how to keep an eye on what is eating your Droid’s battery so quickly by running in the background.

There are some apps that would be purposefully made to run in the background which generally are used to sync settings or content to your device but there would be another set of apps, which consume both the processing power as well as the device’s battery. To know which apps are doing so, Android has a built in feature which can be checked out when developer options are enabled. To do so, go to Settings -> About Phone and keep tapping on the build number of your Android until you see a message box saying developer options are enabled.

Then go to Settings -> Developer options -> Process Stats to see the list of apps that are running in the background which are giving extra work to the processor. To see RAM consumption, tap on any app on the list. To see how much amount of battery any of those app’s is consuming, go to Settings -> Battery and then tap on any of the app in the list.

After seeing the apps in those lists, you will be able to have an idea which apps you constantly use and which are unnecessarily piling up. You need not worry about any of the Google’s app running in the background as they are essential services for your device’s performance and you wouldn’t want to stop them. Any app other than those could be axed according to your wish.

So to stop any app from running in the background, you have options to choose. You could disable them by going to Settings -> Apps, tap on the app and then tap on Disable, or uninstall the app, or force stop it by going to Settings -> Apps -> Running tab, tap on the app and then tap on Force Stop.

Android Stop bckground usage

In Lollipop enabled devices, in the developer options, there is also an option which kills any activity from any app as soon as the user leaves it. Go to Settings -> Developer options -> Apps section and slide the toggle bar of “Don’t Keep Activities” to the right.

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