The last update for WhatsApp for Android has brought the unexpected material design makeover which made the app look all the more attractive to use. The update released today bumped up the version number of the app to 2.12.87 with some more improvements in the design features.

One feature where material design has extended its presence is the VoIP calling feature. When you start making a call or you receive a call via WhatsApp, the interface seems to use more of Teal color which is the primary color of WhatsApp on Android. This removes the odd green bar which displays “WhatsApp call” and this text is moved to a place above the caller’s name. The font of caller’s name is now bigger and better which lets the user focus in the same amount as on their profile picture. Overall calling interface is now cleaner and better.

The other design changes that WhatsApp has made in this version is bringing up a lighter shade of the default conversation wallpaper, which is less dominant than it used to be. Also, the icons next to the options in the overflow menu are now gone, which makes it look less clumsy. The magnifying glass icon indicating search is now replaced by a translucent ‘Search’ word and when you start typing a contact’s name, the white underline does not follow the typed letters anymore. With some more minor changes like the placement of Last seen of a user, emoticons with different colors, this update as a whole focuses on the design part of the app rather than bringing big features.

Oh! There actually is a new feature but exclusive only to India. Axis bank launched a ‘Ping Pay’ service which lets WhatsApp users transfer money via the app even to non-Axis bank customers. The limit per day is Rs. 50,000. How often would you like to use this feature?

Grab the updated app from APK Mirror link given below as it is still not updated in the Play Store, try it out and share your thoughts on it in the comments section below!

WhatsApp 2.12.87 for Android – Download from APK Mirror

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