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Android devices have all the apps in the mobile world for them, but sometimes some or the other app on your device can be too annoying by becoming unresponsive, and does not even give a chance to go back to home or recent tabs. Well, if your Android device comes with a removable battery, then you could always try removing it, wait for 10-20 seconds , place it back again and switch on the device. This will solve the issue, but as an alternative and as a great option for devices without removable battery, an app named “Hold back to kill” is available for us to use.

The app allows users to hold the back button on their device to force close (kill) an unresponsive app on their Android device. This is an app developed by XDA developer elesbb and is not available in the Play Store currently. SO you need to head over to the link mentioned here or at the bottom of the post to download the APK file and install the app on your Android.

After installing it, the app will ask your permissions, accept them. Go ahead and open the app and you will be asked to enter the time period (in milli seconds) that you would prefer to hold the back button in order to kill an open and/or unresponsive app. Enter your preferred time and tap on ‘Save and Close’. You could always Then you will be automatically redirected to the accessibility settings of the app where you need to accept the app’s permissions.

After all this is done, go test the feature by opening any app on your device. Hold the back button for the specified amount of time and you will see the app asking you if you would wan to force close the app. Tap OK and instantly you would be getting an toast notification that a particular app is force closed.

Hold back to Kill app for Android – Download


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