YouTube 10.18 pause watch history

Google has updated the YouTube app for Android, and the update moved the version of the app to v10.18 and has brought a new feature to the app. With this update, users can now be able to select if they want to pause their watch history or not.

Watch history, obviously, has the list of all the videos you have viewed on YouTube so far. By selecting the ‘Pause Watch History’ option, any new videos that you have watched thereafter will not be seen in your ‘Watch History’ list. When you un-check the option, videos that you watch from that particular instant will be added to the ‘Watch History’ list again.

To enable this in your mobile, in the YouTube app, go to Settings -> Privacy and select the check box against ‘Pause watch history’ option. The feature is now available both for mobile as well as PC devices, so that your customization could sync through all your devices.

YouTube for Android – Google Play

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