How to get paid apps free on Android

There are tons of apps available for Android for any reason – you name it, they have it. But the disappointing fact comes when a useful app you want is not for free, and most of the times you end up deciding not to install such apps because you might be in doubt whether the app will be worth your money or not. From now on, you wouldn’t have to worry about that, cause this post will give you some tips on how to get paid apps for free or at a huge discounted price on your Android device.

Google directly is giving you a chance to earn reward points with which you could buy paid apps for free. All you need to do is take part in Googles Opinion survey and earn reward points. You could answer one survey per week and at the least, you could earn 1 USD per survey.

Download Google Opinion Rewards for Android – Google Play

There are some apps on Google Play, which give you the opportunity to download paid apps for free. AppGratis is one of those, which gives you the chance to download paid apps for free within the limit of 24 hours. That is, each day, you would get a different paid app to be downloaded for free. If not completely free, some days you would get up to 90% discount on a paid app. Other such similar app is Freeapp.

Another app called Get Paid Apps Free lets users earn cash credit provided you watch their short videos or download some of their selected apps first. Well, you’re getting free credit, so it doesn’t harm if you benefit them by doing so. Also, if you don’t like any of their apps, you could always uninstall them afterwards.

Download AppGratis for Android – Google Play

Download FreeApp for Android – Google Play

Download Get Paid Apps Free – Google Play

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