Moto X 2nd gen

Motorola has started releasing the latest version of Android Lollipop to the latest Moto smartphone today. Starting today, the Moto X 2nd gen is receiving the Android 5.1 update. The roll out began with the soak test with select retailer variants in Brazil, and then to other regions, so the roll-out of the update is expected to take place in phases.

With this update for Moto X, the goodies that Google has pushed with Android 5.1 will be present along with some fun stuff added by Motorola which they believe will make using smartphones will become much easier for their users. With Android 5.1 in your Moto X, you can silence an incoming call by waving once with the phone in your hand. Also, to launch the camera, twisting (the hand which holds the device) twice will do the thing.

To turn Flashlight on, you need not fumble through the settings of your device or you don;t even need to unlock the screen. Just make a chopping motion with your hand twice and the flashlight gets turned on. Similar motion turns the flashlight off.

Chop twice for flash allows you to make a natural chopping motion (that’s right, like when you’re chopping an onion) to turn on the flashlight. Then simply chop twice again to turn it off.


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