WhatsApp 2.12.20 Windows Phone

The private beta version of WhatsApp has been reportedly updated to 2.12.20 and the good news is that some of the previously anticipated features have been added to it. This implies that an update for he public version of WhatsApp is due for release in the coming days.

The latest version of WhatsApp beta has got the ability to send MP3 files, which is a feature that has been asked by WhatsApp users of Windows Phone since many many days. Also, from the screenshots available, it could be seen that there is a toggle added in the privacy section of the app through which the user could turn on/off the read receipts. By doing so, users have the control to let their WhatsApp contacts could see the blue ticks or not. This has been a feature available to Android users, but still in waiting for Windows Phone.

WhatsApp beta 2.12.20 Windows Phone

The update also seems to allow the users to select multiple chats at once, and then choose to archive them or to delete them. This could be a time saver.

Are you excited for the new features to arrive soon tot he public version? Let us know in the comments!


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