Windows 10 for Phones 10072

Screenshots of the probably next build 10072 of Windows 10 for Phones have leaked online through the Chinese website ITHome. The screenshots show that the OS version of this build is 10.0.12555.74 and reveal other features of the build. Check out the gallery for the full set of screenshots.

It can be seen that this build allows users to adjust the transparency of Live tiles on the Start screen. There are three screenshots which shows the level of transparency of the live tiles on the start screen showing off this feature. Also, more theme colors are now available which were previously 21 and now they are made to 48.

Project Spartan Browser, which was announced to be renamed as Microsoft Edge, remains with the same name. The screenshots also show the data sense, message settings, same old storage sense, system settings, a new video preview app, integrated calendar in the Outlook email app, Word Preview, PowerPoint Preview.

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