Reset Protection Windows Phone

A new online tool from Microsoft now enables Windows Phone users to check status of Reset protection of their Windows Phone. Reset Protection is a feature which Microsoft introduced with Windows Phone 8.1 GDR2. The use of this feature is, whenever Reset Protection for a Windows Phone is ON, even if the device is hard reset by someone, then they cannot access it. The device will ask to enter the Microsoft account credentials associated with the device. Practically, it will be of no use to people other than the device owner.

Now, Microsoft has provided with an online tool which helps users in checking if the Reset Protection feature on their device is On or OFF. Head over to this link here and enter the IMEI or MEID of your device. The screen will then display the Reset Protection status of the respective device. You coudl turn this feature ON as long as you use the device and keep it to yourself but before trading it off to somebody else, remember to turn it OFF becuase, in case it is not OFF, the device would be of no use to the other person.

Check the Reset protection status of your Windows Phone

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