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One thing which definitely makes it presence missing in the latest build 10052/52 of Windows 10 for Phones is the Microsoft Office app. Microsoft has promised to deliver the same by the end of April, and clearly the target is not done. But there seems to be less reason to get disappointed as news says the the Universal Office app for Windows Phone is likely to be released early next week.

The news comes from Mary Jo Foley who gives accurate reports as such almost always. She reports that a Microsoft spokesperson confirmed this and the Office apps in the new Universal Office preview would be more similar to the Office apps for iOS and Android. It would be more satisfactory if the features of this Universal Office exceed those of the iOS and Android counterparts.

It is also said the Microsoft is thinking about sending the Office Universal app tot he users as a separate update or to include it in the next build of Windows 10 for Phones. If this is considered, it can be assumed that the next build of Windows 10 for Phones is not very far from release.

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