Windows 10

The build 10051 of Windows Phone is awaited with much excitement as it was to cover many new features that the previous build didn’t have. But what it failed at is the stability. As Microsoft has been warning consumers ever since, the build 10051 brought in a lot of issues to the Windows Phone users after getting it installed.

The most prevalent was the non-detection of mobile SIM. There were other issues like fast battery drain, frequent hang and others but many of them were sorted out by a soft reset or hard reset. What stunned most of all was the damage to few Lumia 520/521 devices. Microsoft thankfully came up with a solution to this too explaining that it was due to a race around condition and is now fixed.

Microsoft now released the fixing build 10052 for the build 10051 of the Technical Preview of Windows 10 for Phones. This brings in no new features but fixes the most annoying issues that build 10051 wasn’t capable of :

– Flight mode can now be enabled.

– You can now disable data connections.

– We fixed the bug in which your phone’s MMS settings were lost after upgrading from Build 9941.

– We fixed the issue in which you couldn’t download keyboards for additional languages.

– We fixed the issue where the viewfinder in the Camera app gets composed incorrectly on some devices like the Lumia 1020.


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