Android apps on Windows

Image source: Windows Central

Soon, Microsoft will allow developers to re-use the code of their Android apps and use it for building the same apps for Windows. At the Build 2015 event yesterday, Microsoft announced that they have  a way that will allow Android apps written in C++ and Java to be quickly compiled for Windows 10.

Since most of the code could be re-used in building apps for Windows, Microsoft feels that this could be making work of developers easy. However, to create new apps that will be universal, developers are suggested to use the Windows tools provided by Microsoft. These recompiled apps also can use Live tile and Microsoft services integration, making the user not to lose the Windows experience.

There is much of a conflict from people saying doing so would lessen the very reason of wanting to switch to a Windows Phone over Android. But on the better side, this is about making it easy for developers to create and compile apps easily for Windows platform with the existing code.

What do you think about bringing Android apps to Windows? Let us know in the comments!

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