Continuum Windows 10 phones

The first day of Build 2015 from Microsoft is not much really into Windows Phones, but there are some highlights which would be interesting to know. Joe Belfiore explained about the continuum feature which is said to be built into Windows 10 for Phones. This will allow users to connect their phones to a PC or a keyboard, mouse and an external screen and then use the phone from this screen. However, Joe Belfiore mentioned that this feature would be available only to “select premium phones”.

Coming to its working, when connected to a monitor screen via a HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface)  cable, along with bluetooth keyboard and a mouse, the user could start using apps from his phone on the big screen in a desktop-like environment. The hype about universal apps will fit perfectly here as the UI of these apps change automatically from Phone UI to a desktop UI when connected. Joe Belfiore demoed Outlook and Excel while showing off the continuum feature.

While the feature can be a great one to use, on the flip side, he also mentioned that we need new hardware that support this feature and also this works on select premium phones. So there is a high doubt on the old Windows Phones.

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