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A new set of key words from Google now dropped, to make Android user’s life a bit more easy. Additional to “Find my Phone” , “Get directions” , Google enabled more key words like “note to self” and “set an alarm” which can be used to perform the respective actions on the user’s Android device directly from Google on their desktop.

To make a note and save it on your Android device , you’d need to type “note to self” or ” make a note” in the search bar of Google on your desktop. A google card named Send a note appears on the screen with a text box attached to it in which you’d have to type the note you are about to make to yourself. Once you are done typing, click on the Send note at the bottom of the card and your phone receives it instantly and you will be able to see the notification.

set an alarm google android

On the other hand, to set an alarm, you’d need to type “set an alarm” into the search bar and a Google card named set an alarm shows up on the screen. You would have to need the time you want the alarm to be set and click on Set alarm on your phone option to the bottom. Alternatively, typing “set an alarm for 8am” would bring up a google card in which the time will be automatically set to 8:00 AM . All you would need to do is click on Set alarm on your phone option. Instantly, you could check in the clock app of your Android device to see if the alarm is set and it would be there.

These features now work specifically in the US only but they are expected to reach around soon.


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