Facebook Hello

Facebook, a few days ago, announced a new app called “Hello” for Android. A new app built by the team that created Facebook Messenger, Hello is similar in many ways to the traditional dialer on our smartphones.

Hello needs users to sign into it using their Facebook id, which is pretty much obvious because the database is the user’s Facebook friends. You can make calls to all your Facebook friends, even for those who do not have their phone number listed. You could make calls to them using VoIP or you could just place regular calls.

You can also search for people and businesses on Facebook and call them with just one tap. So if a friend tells you about a new restaurant in your neighborhood, you can use Hello to find their hours, make a reservation and get directions, all without leaving the app.

Hello makes it easy to block unwanted calls. From your settings, you can block specific numbers and adjust whether you want to automatically blocks calls from commonly blocked numbers. Blocked calls go straight to voicemail and can be reviewed in your recent calls.

Hello for Android – Download from Google Play


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