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Microsoft has updated its Windows Phone Recovery Tool to address the issues some of the Lumia devices have faced while rolling back to Windows Phone 8.1 from the Windows 10 Technical Preview. Most of the devices that were affected have been the Lumia 52x models. To stop further damage from happening to any devices and to investigate on the issue, Microsoft has paused the availability of Windows 10 TP update to these devices.

After some inspection over the issue, Microsoft said that the cause of the failure of rolling back on these devices is due to the incapability of those devices to accept the rate at which the data was being flashed into them by the recovery tool. The devices that are found affected by this are in either of the following states :

– Displaying a red Nokia logo

– Displaying a black screen and the device is non-responsive after attempting to boot.

Issue Identification:
Although our investigation is not complete, we’d like to share some initial insight into what we’ve uncovered:

Data writing size & speed: It was discovered that some devices are having trouble accepting the recovery image data being flashed. The blocks of data were too large for some devices to handle, and the memory on the device was having trouble with the speed at which the data was being written. In short, devices were getting too much data, too quickly. This would cause the failure as the new software is corrupted.

Small portion of 520/521 devices affected: As we reviewed logs and worked through issue reproduction, we identified the subset of affected 520/521 devices that may encounter this issue. There is no direct way for an end-user to check their device unfortunately, however it is positive news that not all units would experience this issue.

To address these issues, Microsoft says they have updated the Windows Phone Recovery Tool such that with the updated version, the tool will be able to flash data blocks of a lesser size (128 kB, previously was 2MB) and at a lower rate than before (5 MB/sec, was 8MB/sec previously) and they say testing after these changes have been made showed promising results.

Before attempting to recover your affected device, first let the Recovery Tool update to the latest version 1.2.4 .

If your device is showing the red Nokia logo, please do the following:

– Ensure your device has a good power source (connected via USB cable that can transfer data and charge the device simultaneously)

– Close the WPRT, re-open, and take the update to the new version of the WPRT. The new version is 1.2.4

– Once he new version is installed, re-attempt the flashing process.

– If your device is not recognized, click the “My phone was not detected” button and continue the attempted recovery process

– If your device is on a blank/black screen and is unresponsive, you may attempt the same steps as listed above. Devices that do not have the red Nokia logo on the screen are in a different state and will not have the same recovery rate should they be recoverable. Please do try to recover and share your results.

Please check back for additional details and updates. More information will be shared as it becomes available.

For more details on this news, read the Microsoft discussion page here.

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