WhatsApp Google Drive backup

WhatsApp seemingly is on a roll of updates to its Android version, the last being the material design update to the existing app’s design. This time, it is the turn of the Google Drive backup option which got to the surface via the translation strings a few weeks ago.

The recent update comes with the version 2.12.45 which brings a new feature of back up of chats and media (except video) to the Google Drive. This latest version is not yet available from the official WhatsApp site or Google Play, but it can be downloaded from the .apk file uploaded in the APK Mirror website. One updated, head to app’s Settings -> Chat Settings -> Chat Backup and you will be presented with a screen showing the last backup time along with the new Google Drive Backup options.

First select a Google account to sync with WhatsApp so that all the back up of chats and media would be stored in the Google Drive of that particular Google Account. Next, you could change the frequency of the backup from daily to weekly or Monthly. If you do not wish to backup to your Google Drive at all, you can put that to Off. Then you have the option of choosing the mode of backup – through cellular data or only Wi-Fi.

After all these options are set according to your wish, the regular backup from your WhatsApp would be done at the universal WhatsApp backup time(4:00 AM in your time zone).You could also tap on Backup Now if you want all of your data to be taken back up immediately. You should note that the time taken to complete the backup would be more if there is more media in your WhatsApp.

Download WhatsApp 2.12.45 .apk file –  APK Mirror


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