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This happens a lot of times – you suddenly realize your phone is missing. You could have misplaced it somewhere, or worse it could have been stolen. Locating your device was made easy by Google through the Android Device Manager search, but now, Google has taken one more step forward and has made your job even easier – you now just have to type Find My phone in Google search and hit enter!

No matter what you say, for various reasons, panic is the first reaction that comes to us when we find that our phone is missing. So instead of going to the Android device manager, and logging into it to locate your missing Android device, typing Find my phone in Google is pretty much easier and quick. Of course, you have to be signed in with your Google account into your browser.

Google Find my Phone Moto G

You also have the option of making your phone ring aloud for five minutes from this feature. However, options like locking and erasing your phone are not here but they are just a click away. Click anywhere  on the map you see on your screen and that will take you directly to Android Device manager site and there you’d have the options to lock or erase along with Ring.


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