Windows 10 phones SIM detection error

Microsoft has published the possible issues that a user could come across while using the Technical Preview of the latest 10051 build of Windows 10 for Phones. It also seems there are a lot more that could surface up and one issue that most of the users are facing is the SIM detection error.

When upgraded to the Windows 10 Technical Preview, the SIM card is not being detected and due to this the users are not able to use the services of their mobile operator. Microsoft’s Gabriel Aul gave a tip regarding this issue by addressing a user.

He says it is a race condition – an issue  that arises when the events do not follow the sequence they are programmed in – and mostly a reset should fix it. Through a lot of feedback from users who have installed and used Windows 10 TP on their phones, doing a reset is fixing most of the problems like SIM detection error, battery draining problem, issue with Project Spartan etc.

So if you are one among those people who have the same problem with the SIM on your Windows 10 mobile, perform a soft reset and if still does not solve the issue, do a hard reset and check back. According to many users and Gabriel Aul, that should fix things up. Let us know how it worked for you in the comments.

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