Material Design Android update

Material Design is the most important concept behind Android Lollipop. It is pretty obvious that Lollipop OS is what it is today because of Material Design. Today, Google has announced an update that is made by the material design team to the existing spec. The update comes with seven new features added to the existing design and also improvements, says Google.

A good amount of significance in this update is given to the FAB (Floating Action Button), giving it a separate section of its own.

Material Design

As a brief wrap up, Google posted the highlights of the updates on its official Google+ page as follows

Data tables: guidance on presenting data sets, particularly in desktop products

Units and measurements: a description of the different units used in material design, including guidance on using density-independent pixels (DPs)

App structure: suggestions for top-level navigation in your app

Component sticker sheet for After Effects to help streamline your motion design workflow

Floating action buttons now have their own section, with added guidance on behavior and transitions

– Updated guidance on Typography, Cards, Dialogs, Tabs and Scrolling.

Have a comprehensive look at all the new details in the What’s new Section of Google here


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