WhatsApp 2.12.38

WhatsApp developers have released an update for Android with version numbered 2.12.38 and this update is surely going to make the popular messenger app now feels right with the Android’s Lollipop design.

The UI of WhatsApp is totallly changed with respect to adapting the material design concepts. As the theme color, green dominates most of the UI of the app. The emoticon section is also filled with new colour and each button comes alive with subtle animations that gel well with the Lollipop’s material design.

Alos, the moticons are observed to be more similar to that of iOS which many users feel as a good thing, as it would always be nice if the sender and the reciever sees the same emoticon. The update also carries forward the VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) calling feature which was rolled out to all the users of Android a few days ago.

The Google Play Store doesn’t seem to be updated with the new version of WhatsApp as of now, so you could head over to the official site and download the latest version on your Android device.

WhatsApp 2.12.38 for Android -WhatsApp.com

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