Android 5.1 Screen PinningImage: Screen Pinning in Android 5.1

Screen pinning is one such feature that came with Android 5.0 Lollipop, which allows its users to fix their screen to one single app – be it Google chrome, a game, mail,  or pretty much any app that exists on the phone – until the user wishes to unpin it again. This feature becomes handy while playing games or while handing over your device to kids so that they play with only the game given to them and not with any other important information. In short, screen-pinning, when enabled, makes it difficult to witch from one app to the other.

Even the feature was pretty much useful, the process was quite a hassle to use on Android 5.0 but like with the most of the features, Android 5.1 comes to the rescue of its users in this screen pinning issue as well. Previously on Android 5.0, to pin an app, you have to go to Settings -> Security -> Screen Pinning and swipe the toggle bar to the right to enable it. You also have a point-by-point brief explanation given about how to use the feature. After enabling pinning on an app, you would be welcomed by a dialogue box which tells you how to unpin the app and also asks if the user wishes to unlock the device using a PIN/Password (depending on what you use) before unpinning the app and this happens every time you pin an app. Too much of a procedure?

Android 5.0 screen pinning

Image: Screen Pinning in Android 5.0

Well, in Android 5.1 you need to go through the same path to enable screen pinning in the first place, but this time you won’t find that point-explanation on how to use it (may be Google assumed you’d known it by now) and in the place of these points comes the option of choosing to unpin the app by Pattern lock or pass-code, whichever the user is implementing on his device. If you did not set any pattern or pass-code on your device for the purpose of locking/unlocking, then you’d be allowed to choose if you want to lock the device while an app is pinned and before unpinning it, if you’d want a unlocking to be done or not. If you turn the unlocking toggle to ON, you’d then be presented with three different ways (PIN Password or Pattern) to choose from.

The difference between screen pinning on Android 5.1 and Android 5.0 is that you need not always set preferences every single time you want to pin an app. You just set you preference and you’re done until you wish to change it in future.

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