Windows Phone Recovery Tool

The latest build (10051) of Windows 10 Mobile is out now via the Technical Preview through the Windows Insider program. If you already have installed it on your phone, you may be interested in knowing the possible issues that this build gives to the users. After reading them, in case you have second thoughts about using Windows 10 Preview as a daily driver, or if you just encountered any other serious issue that objects the normal functionality of your device, you could happily say goodbye to the Technical Preview of Windows 10 Mobile until the next build release and switch over to the good old Windows Phone 8.1.

Microsoft’s Windows Phone Recovery Tool presents us the way to roll back to WP8.1. All you need is the software installed on your compatible computer, your phone that needs to be rolled back and a compatible USB cable. It is better if you back up all your data before starting the process.

Download: Windows Phone Recovery Tool

– Run the Recovery Tool software on your computer and connect the phone with its USB cable to the computer.

– The phone should be automatically detected by the tool. If not, click on the ‘My Phone is not detected’ button.

– After device detection is done, click on the image of your phone inside the window of the Recovery Tool and then you will be shown the latest software available for your device.

– Click on ‘Reinstall’ and then tap on ‘Continue’ if a backup option is suggested.

– The Recovery tool will then start installing the latest build of available Windows Phone 8.1 OS for your device.  Make sure you do not disconnect your device from the computer in the meanwhile

– This process is time taking and depends on your network speed. When everything is completely done, a ‘Success’ message will be displayed on your computer screen.

Then you could happily disconnect your phone and set it up for normal usage.

Download: Windows Phone Recovery Tool


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