Android 5.1 system volume tips

Android 5.1 was thought as much of a bug-fixing update and it was also expected to be so, fixing issues that Android 5.0 brought along with the new goodies. But Android 5.1 is far more than just a fixing update as it brings a few but noticeable and welcoming changes to the system.

The features that Google mentioned on their blog on the day Android 5.1 was released out to the public were only a few to be named when it comes to the changes that Android 5.1 brought to the OS. One of the welcoming change to the Android Lollipop OS would be a separate system volume controller, while the music app is running playing music.

The change just came with a new ‘bell’ button that appears when you press any of the volume keys while you have music playing from your device. When tapped on it, the device shows up the system volume controller bar through which the system volume can be controlled.

This is not a major change, but small changes like this, make the update worth having. What do you say?

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