Google App v4.4

The Google App for Android has been updated to version 4.4 and this update has brought the feature that allows users to add nicknames to their contacts. This nickname feature has been available to a few users already but with this update it has gone public and open to all Android users.

In the Settings screen of the app, go to ‘Accounts & Privacy‘ section and you should be able to see ‘Nicknames‘ along with the list of other options.  But right now , we’ve seen that not all devices which have the updated app are showing this feature. If you have it, then tap over it and it allows you to create nicknames for contacts on your device. Other well-known features like Trusted Voice which acts as one type of Smart Lock feature is also expected to be added soon to the app, if not with this update.

The update is available via the Play Store now or Google must have already sent it to your device – check app update notifications.

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