Hide dynamic tiles Android 5.1

Android 5.0 Lollipop changes the user interface of Android OS completely and took it to a whole next level. One of the big changes was the quick setting screen which has access to different mostly-used toggle features. The thing that was later noticed with the quick settings screen was that, not everything it could accomodate are shown to the user, like the hotspot toggle for example. Only when the hotspot was turned on once via the Settings menu, then it would appear on the quick settings panel. A similar dynamic tile was the color invert toggle.

The way for these buttons to enter the quick settings panel was given by Android 5.0 but the way to remove them immediately if we are done with them and does not want them staying on our device’s quick settings panel was not readily available, unless the time and date were shifted by a month forward. Android 5.1, once again, comes to the rescue of this petty issue of Android 5.0.

To remove a dynamic tile from the quick settings panel, all you have to do is just press and hold on that particular tile ad a warning message pops up asking your confirmation to hide it. You just tap on ‘Hide’ and the tile disappears! When you go back to settings and turn hotspot or color invert on, that just comes back to the settings panel once again.

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