Android Lollipop 5.1

Android 5.1 Lollipop was wanted by almost everybody who has got Android 5.0 installed on their devices. Not because they are just fascinated by the update, but because they want those issues to be solved which were brought by Android 5.0. Major one was the memory leak, the fix of which is still awaited.

Nevertheless, Android 5.1 proved to be one worthy update by giving more flexibility to the all-new Lollipop users. Continue reading to know what has changed in Android 5.1, that made Lollipop OS all the more desirable.

1 ) Better control over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth:

Android 5.1 Wi-fi

Lollipop brought more life to the quick settings bar but one disappointment was that the use of it was limited. For example, to switch to a different network on Wi-Fi or to pair with a different device on Bluetooth, you would have to go to the Settings screen. But Android 5.1 made it more easier by allowing users to perform these actions directly from the quick settings screen itself.

2) Keeps a note of any troublesome Wi-Fi connections:

Speaking of Wi-Fi, if you have had any problems with any of the Wi-Fi connections previously, like low signal strength or no internet access, Android 5.1 will make a note of it and will make sure that it does not connect your device to that particular Wi-Fi network in the future.

3) Better control over notifications:

Notifications in Android 5.0 had a makeover but users had to choose between either opening them and checking out what it was about or swiping them away to dismiss them completely. Android 5.1 provides with another action of swiping the notifications up back to the notification bar. This makes the notification get partially dismissed and gives chance for the user to have a look back at it later.

4) Improved sound profiles:

Android 5.1 sound profiles

Android 5.1 comes with improvements to the notification modes of Lollipop, so no the notification LED blinks even when the phone is kept in ‘None’ mode.  In addition to that, Android 5.1 also has this improvment in sound profiles where you can handle priority interruptions in a much better way i.e it provides you with options such as for next one hour or until your next alarm.

5) Manual Sync option in account settings :

Android 5.1 Accounts Sync

You can call it a fix or an improvement, but Android 5.1 brings the ‘Sync Now‘ option to the menu of the Account Settings screen. When you tap on it, the data (Calendar, Contacts and Drive etc) would start syncing, and the menu then offers an option to ‘Cancel Sync‘ if the user wishes to do so to cancel the syncing process.

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