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After the much hype with the Android devices, news says that the WhatsApp VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) calling feature is heading towards Windows Phone Platform too.

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This VOIP calling feature for WhatsApp for Windows Phone not only allows users  to make calls through the app, but there seems to be also a feature that displays the history of all the calls made and received. Additionally, ‘read receipts’ feature is also going to make its way to Windows Phone. This is a feature which can be used to hide the ‘blue tick marks’ which show the other person if we have read their texts or not.

As of now, these features will be included in the private beta of the app which will be available only for a few people to test with. After the version goes stable, it will be available for everybody to install and use.

Are you excited about all the love WhatsApp is going to show to Windows Phone?

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