WIndows 10 Mobile Bluettoth Auido enhancements

Windows 10 is coming with a ton of OS improvements for both Phones and PCs and many of those have been announced by Microsoft at the Redmond event on January 21st. A few of the perks that come with Windows 10 Mobile are still uncovered and this post is about one of them.

Windows 10 Mobile is expected to bring Wideband speech support, which implies, the available bandwidth for voice calls will be increased to 16kHz which allows more clearer voice calls over Bluetooth and also this helps in increasing the understanding levels of the user’s commands by Cortana over Bluetooth.

Windows 10 Mobile is also said to support aptX audio codec, which helps in giving sound quality to Bluetooth equal to that which is obtained through wires.

What do you think of these major Bluetooth Audio improvements that are coming to Windows Phone via Windows 10?



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