Android on-body detection

Google is starting to introduce a new security feature to Android smartphones and tablet devices that helps in auto-locking the device when you are away from the device.

The feature uses the device’s accelerometer to sense if it is being carried by the person in his/her hands, pocket and stays unlocked so long as it remains there. Once it senses that the device is laid on a table or somewhere away from the user, it automatically locks itself.

It sounds pretty useful but the loophole with this feature is that, as of now it cannot judge  if the person holding the device is the actual owner or not. So as long as the feature senses that the device is somebody’s hands or pocket or handbag, it stays unlocked, implying, if you as the device owner unlock your phone or tab and hand it over to someone else, the device remains unlocked as long as it resides with them until it is put down or away.

The feature is right now being pushed by Google for devices having Lollipop installed in them and it is expected to reach other devices too very soon.


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