WhatsApp 2.11.670 Windows Phone

It is a well known news that WhatsApp has recently introduced a new “calling feature” to its messenger app which allows voice calls using internet connection.The feature has been activated for some users directly from the server while a lot of other users have been able to get it activated by a WhatsApp voice call from a contact who already has the feature activated on his/her device.

There are still many other users who are eagerly waiting for this feature to get activated on their devices too. Taking advantage of this situation, many spam links are being circulated, which tells a user to click on it and get the call feature activated on their device.

Previously, a link “whatsappcalling.com” had done the rounds until it has recognized as spam and has been taken down. Recently another link “whatsappvoiceplus.com” has been giving the wrong route to many WhatsApp users to try the link and get the calling feature activated. When clicked on the link, it takes to its website and then asks the user to invite at least 10 of their contacts and only after inviting at least 10 contacts, they would be getting the calling feature. 

WhatsApp calling feature scam

Doing so will result in nothing but it will also make your contacts share the link to 10 of their friends, and the chain continues but does not make the calling feature active on your device. This also has a  undeniable chance of giving access to different viruses on your device. So beware of any such third party links asking you to try them to get the calling feature from WhatsApp.

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