android lollipop enhanced notifications

Lollipop was sure a major leap for the Android operating systems and Android 5.0 brought many unexpected and welcoming features and improvements to the OS. When one talked about the downsides of 5.0 Lollipop, one thing which was pretty much in discussion was the absence of complete silent mode.

There was the flexibility of selecting whichever notification mode the user wants from None, All and Priority, but none of them supported the complete silent mode. You could select ‘None’, but the annoying fact was that in the ‘None’ mode, no alarms would ring and the point of setting an alarm is missed.

Android 5.1 comes with improvements to the notification modes of Lollipop, so no the notification LED blinks even when the phone is kept in ‘None’ mode. So that makes sure you aren’t annoyed with vibrations and at the same time, you do get to know you are bothered by someone or something on your phone just with a blink of the LED. There’s also the improvement of noticing your LED blink whenever you have a missed call, a feature which was needed but missing in Android 5.0.

However, all these work only if your device has a notification LED in the first place and it is expected that the settings for the LED blink will be changed from manufacturer to manufacturer while they release Android 5.1 OTA to their devices.


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