Google Hangouts

Video chats through Google Hangouts on the web started allowing the host of the video call to share its link to other users, so that they could join the video call easily, rather than inviting each of them manually. The feature was started by Google last year and was welcomed by many users as it gave easy access to send invites to people to their video chats.

Recently, this features which has also been added to the iOS counterpart also is now being extended to the Android version of the app.The person who starts the video chat via Hangouts would be given an invitation link which can be sent to other people who would likely take part in the video chat.Only when at least one invite is accepted, the video call can be started. As for the user on the receiving end, clicking on the link is enough to take him/her to the video chat.

If you are an Android user and want to invite people to a video chat through the Google Hangouts app with these easy access links, all you need to do is have the latest version of the app, and if you already have it installed on your device, Google might be releasing gradually to your region and device.


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