Google Drive 2.2

Google has update its Drive app for Android, making its version jump to 2.2. This update brings along some new features and also makes Google Drive to replace Google+, the app that was taking care of the Photos.

After users update the app to the latest version 2.2, a popup message from the app appears to let the user understand the  working of the new ‘drag and drop’ feature to organize files and folders inside the Drive. Just press and hold on a file or folder and keep tapping on others to select them as well. The bottom-right of the screen will show how many of files/folders you have selected. Then you could just drop them all into one single folder.

Another change that this update brought to the app is the minor redesign of the UI. When the navigation menu is pulled from the side, the status bar will become transparent and this is in similarity to many other apps which have gained material design support.

It is also expected that the responsibility of backing up photos from the device which was under Google+ app, will now be taken over by the Google Drive hereafter.

If the Play Store of your region doesn’t show the updated Google Drive app, you could head over to the link given below and download the .apk file, which is signed by Google and is safe to install in your Android device.

Google Drive v2.2 for Android -Download .apk


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