Windows 10 for Windows Phone

The first build of Windows 10 for Phones Technical Preview was released only for a few, that too mostly low-end devices and ever since the other Windows Phone users are eagerly waiting to see when their device will be added to the list of devices eligible for updating to Windows 10. Microsoft also had a reason and explanation as to why only those particular devices were given the build for Windows 10 and put in one word, it is ‘partition stitching’.

Now, it is time for Windows Phone users to be sure that the next build release of Windows 10 TP for phones will include additional devices. Gabriel Aul took to twitter to answer this in response to a user’s question. What are those devices exactly that will make it to the list in the next build, is still unconfirmed and unsure.

Windows 10 more phones

Hopefully, the next build would be rolling out later this month and will bring even more goodies than the previous build along with the latest Spartan replacing the Internet Explorer.


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